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Krowtann Special Whitetail Formula - 32 oz

  • Model: K2000W
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One bottle is enough to tan approximately 4 deer capes.
Instructions For 1 Deer Cape
1. Rough flesh the skin, turn the lips, nose, ears, and eyes.
2. Shake up the Krowtann and add 8 oz of Krowtann to 2.5 gallons of water and 64 oz of salt. If the cape is an extra large cape, increase the mixture by 50% and use a larger plastic container. Always keep a lid on the mixture.
3. Leave the skin in the tan, flesh side out for 1-4 days until the skin turns white. Each day lift the skin out of the tan and stretch it out, and return it to the tan in a new position to insure that the tan is reaching all parts of the skin. Keep the skin submerged with a water filled milk jug.
4. Pull the skin out of the tan and wash the skin in clear water.
5. Neutralize the skin in 2 gallons of water and 10-12 oz of sodium bicarbonate for 15 minutes. Agitate the skin every 5 minutes during the process. 6. Wash the skin, hair side out, in Liquid Tide and rinse well in clear water. 7. Do your final fleshing at this time.
8.(optional) Shampoo your skin at this time.
9. The skin is now ready to mount or can be frozen to mount at a later date.
10. Slowly add sodium bicarbonate to the tanning mixture until ph of 7 is obtained before disposing of it.

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