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PC09G Pro-Maxx Tan Gallon

  • Model: PC09G
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PRO-MAXX “SINGLE SOLUTION” TAN…Taxidermy’s Easiest Tan!
Instructions for AVERAGE WHITETAIL CAPE (appx. 8 lb. green skin)…DO NOT RE-USE.

1. split, turn, remove meat, fat & score membrane (for optimal chemical penetration & hair-set)

2. rinse clean in COLD water & drain briefly
- odorous and/or blood-soaked skins – wash in following bath:
2 fl. oz. Degreaser / 5 gal. COLD water (rinse in COLD water / drain briefly)

3. PRO-MAXX TAN SOLUTION FORMULA: (avg. deer cape…appx. 8 lb. green skin)
- 5 gallon clean COLD water
- 2 quarts salt (mix well) = 6 lb.
- 8 fl. oz. PRO-MAXX TAN (mix well)
(optional / recommended: + 2 fl. oz. Degreaser)

4. add raw skin to tan solution (skin-side out / down…hair-side in / up)
- AGITATE WELL for 5 MINUTES… then every 30 min. first 2 hours…then periodically for 3 days minimum (KEEP SUBMERGED)
Note: skins can be left in the tan – agitate 1-2x/week (keep submerged)… put lid on if storing for extended time so water does not evaporate

5. shave skin (degrease greasy and/or odorous skins after shaving)

6. return skin to tan solution for 24 hours minimum

- in a separate pail – mix 1 cup baking soda into 5 gallon plain lukewarm water
- add this additional 5 gallon “NEUTRALIZING MIX” into the existing tan solution (MIX WELL)
- re-add skin & agitate periodically for 1 hour

8. remove skin, rinse well in cool water…spin-out / drain to thirsty (damp but not wet)

9. apply warmed PRO-MAXX OIL (appx. 8 fl. oz. / avg. deer cape) (also apply oil to front / inner hair-side of ears w/ cartilage…oil does not penetrate cartilage well)
- fold skin-to-skin / hair-out & sweat overnight at room temp….ready to mount or bag / freeze

10. to mount, simply rinse well & spin-out excess water

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